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About ArtWorks of Westfield

Artworks is unique, funky, ever evolving and relevant non-profit art organization. Together with members of the community, patrons of the arts, residents and board members, we comprise our dedicated group.


Each board member of our non-profit is an unpaid volunteer, working hard to help spread beauty, fun, engagement and to bring folks together. We believe that by building community, we become a happier, more educated, more empathetic and peaceful society. Art enlivens our city, its people and its economy. Art in its many forms touch us, and it is through that connection that we accomplish our goals.

Are you interested in joining us? We meet monthly to plan and think creatively. Email us with your interest!

Our Board Members

Bill Westerlind
Founder and President

Cheryl Crowe

Board Member,


Prabodh Reshamwala

Board Member,

Event Coordinator

Jackie McDowell

Board Member,


Tom Sawyer
Vice President,

Musical Coordinator

Kathleen Hillman

Board Member

Eric McDowell

Board Member,

Community Liaison​

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