Upcoming Events

Poetry In The Park: Open Mic!

May 1st, 2021 at 12:00 PM

Join us at the gazebo on the town green, May 1st at noon for two hours of free, open mic poetry! You are in invited to read a poem or just listen!

WhipCity Wordsmith Book Show

May 23rd, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Join us at the gazebo on the town green!


There are 21 authors signed up for this event. Four of these authors are also publishers. A sound system has been offered and accepted and will be available outside of the Gazebo for authors wishing to do Open Mic readings during the run of the event, thanks to the generosity of Paul Richmond, author, Beat Poet Laureate, and publisher (Human Error Publishing). Beat Poet Laureate, Richard Wayne Horton will be sharing the inside of the gazebo with Paul at this event.

Familiar faces from past literary events in Westfield will be Susan Buffum, Kelly Buffum, Katherine Anderson, Melissa Volker, Ryan McCarthy, Judith Foard-Giucastro, Glen Ebisch, Ayden Rogalski, Rhonda Boulette, Tom Deady, and Robert W. Thompson. Joining in the event will be new WhipCity Wordsmiths and published authors Grace Kuhn, Jeff Vanoudenhoven, Tenzi Moscato, Luis Manuel Torres, and Mimi Caban. And there'll be more new faces and offerings from Kinga Martin, Wallace Johnson, Elizabeth Macduffie, Richard Wayne Horton, and Paul Richmond.

The range of genres run from children's books to YA, middle grade, manga, mystery, paranormal, literary romance/suspense, horror, dark fantasy, short stories, poetry, lyrical prose, self help, faith, mysticism, history, and ghost stories.

Silver Street Media will have materials available at the WhipCity Wordsmiths table on how they can help new authors and existing authors format, design, publish, and distribute their work.

Artworks of Westfield, the sponsor of this show will also have a table at the event. Artworks is a driving force in the community working to bring the cultural arts to the attention of residents by hosting music, art, and literary events, and working on art projects such as the Heroes Are Everywhere mural and the new larger scale mural project along the river, Westfield is Fantastic. Membership information will be available at the table and attendees can donate to help fund the new mural and other Artworks projects planned for 2021 and those we're looking ahead to organizing and host in 2022.

"Westfield is Fantastic" Mural Project

Scheduled for May 2021. Join us on Facebook for information and discussions in the Westfield is Fantastic - The Mural group. 

There's still time to sponsor and/or join in on the fun!

Downtown Live Concert Series

Free every Friday night starting June 21, 2021!

Join us located at 53 Elm Street, Westfield in the Mina’s Wine & Spirits Parking Lot.

June 21: Berkshire Mountain Boy