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Local Authors

Iris Alderson
I was born approximately 40 miles South of London and Came to the United States with my husband and children many years ago. Love Westfield and New England. I am an avid writer. For many years of wrote for the Springfield Union. I have one non-fiction book entitled, Through Grief to Gratitude, out at a publisher. Waiting to hear. I have published one e-book with Kindle entitled, Keyboard Magic, which is a way to do shorthand on the keyboard, invaluable if you do a lot of typing as I do. At present I am writing a romance entitled Love, Honor and Blackmail. I try to write everyday.

Bethany Almeida
I am currently a PhD candidate at Brown University pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. I have a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Professional Writing.  I have a passion for the fantastical and often write urban fantasy, although I am also exploring epic fantasy set in a more medieval-like world.  My greatest dream is to become a published author.

Russell Atwood
Russell is Russell, enough said.

Kate (Anderson) Benson
Kate is a special education teacher, photographer, and the author of a number of collected volumes on the history of insane asylums. She lives in Massachusetts with her boyfriend, her beagles, and a very overweight cat.

Christine Blacke
I am a writer of all things murder, mystery, and mayhem (with some ass kicking on the side). I hold an MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in YA Literature from Lesley University and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Theatre Arts from Westfield State. I have also studied screenwriting through UCLA Extension. Additionally, I am a licensed secondary English education teacher, though I do not currently teach. My day job is an administrator for a non-profit college scholarship fund. My memberships include Sisters In Crime, national and New England region, and SCBWI, national and New England region. 

Connie Bombaci
Connie Bombaci, a retired educator, is resolute in her love for animals, belief in the goodness of all God's creations, and desire to provide encouragement no matter what the challenge. She appeared with Hogan on Oprah, Dateline, Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, and Amazing Tails. the author lives with her family in Connecticut.

Rhonda Boulette
Author of several children's book series including Flitten Fairy Tails and T's Adventures.

Michael Brenner
Michael Brenner discovered his passion for trolleys when he returned to Connecticut from the Midwest soon after retirement. He is a motorman at both the Connecticut Trolley Museum and the Minnesota Streetcar Museum.

Kelly Buffum
Kelly is a writer of the procrastinator type. She has self-published one novel, Parapsychology, and one novella, Teleport. In the real world, she works as a manufacturing engineer in the aerospace industry, having obtained both a BS and MS in engineering. Most Saturdays she can be found at the Connecticut Trolley Museum where she volunteers in the restoration/repair shop. She is also a fully qualified motorman and maintains the shop's blog, which forces her to write. She is co-founder of the Whip City Wordsmiths, and a cast member of Ghost Stories LIVE!

Susan Buffum
Born in Northampton MA. Susan has a BS degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State. She has worked in retail, law enforcement, toy manufacturing, and retail. She currently works full time as a medical secretary in Westfield, MA where she resides. She has been writing since childhood. Her first children’s story, Monsters No More, was published in 1994. A personal memoir, Snow Dance, was published in 1990’s and earned an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest Writing Contest the following year. She's been a participant in NaNoWriMo since 2012. She served as Editor of and as a contributing writer for the Massachusetts State Button Society Bulletin from 2007-2016, producing a 42-page magazine annually. Her urban fantasy/magical realism novel Black King Takes White Queen was named a finalist and then shortlisted for the OZMA AWARD 2016. Her vampire novel, Out, was shortlisted for the Paranormal Book Award 2017. She has self-published 16 novels and 19 anthologies, 6 novellas, and 1 young adult novel, and 1 young reader book. She is currently working on three new novels. Susan is a member of the Ghost Stories LIVE! cast, a recurring event at Blue Umbrella Books in Westfield, MA for which she writes new ghost stories and reads. She is a director of Artworks of Westfield. Susan enjoys beta reading for other local authors. She collects antique and vintage clothing buttons and vintage decks of playing cards. She also likes magic (sleight of hand, prestidigitation),is a taphophile (old graves/cemeteries). She likes Victorian era houses, old cars, circuses, but not clowns, books and teddy bears. Susan co-founded WhipCity Wordsmiths with daughter Kelly in June 2017. Check out her blog.

Mimi Caban Ross

Social Media Strategist at Southern Hilltowns Adult Education Center. Marketing Director at Jacob's Ladder Business Association. Owner/Operator for NeedARide? Rideshare Services. Creator of The Binge Visioning Technique & The Shalom Lifestyle. Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Public Speaker/Workshop Facilitator/Event Planner. Find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Reverbnation Music Site. Bliss is my Source.

Eileen Chapman
In no particular order, I am a Westfield resident, librarian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and writer. I enjoy personal finance, health, wine, chocolate, reading, and the occasional Netflix binge. I have an unfortunate addiction to Candy Crush. I will talk at length about retirement savings and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I try to be kind and sometimes fail. I enjoy my job 95% of the time. Of the more mundane details, I don't enjoy cleaning house but do enjoy a clean house. Something similar could be said about the gym. I fluctuate between the need to socialize with friends and the instinct to hibernate from January to April. I find winters S.A.D. and would much prefer to bask on a warm, sunny beach. I tend not to tell non-writers that I have three or four stories floating around in my head at any given time. Not only might they look at me through a different lens, they might also curb what they say and possibly withhold fodder for my next chapter...

Joyce Collins
I was born in Springfield, grew up in West Springfield, and have lived in Blandford for the last 52 years. My husband and I have two grown sons and a granddaughter. I enjoy photography, reading, and travel.

Heidi Colonna
In 2008, a psychic medium saw me typing at a computer as a future career. My favorite things to type are stories about animals, spirituality, and my family. I regularly write for the children’s animal welfare magazine Kind News after my hours as a middle school teacher. I’m married with two boys, and my next baby is a middle grade novel based on the dogs of my childhood getting me through a move to Westfield (because whips, black squirrels, and a new stepfather can put a girl on edge). I’m also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the state council of The Humane Society of the United States. See my writing samples and podcast on the importance of humane literature at

Bruce Cortis

Andrew Curran
Andrew Curran has always had an extensive imagination, so it's no wonder that he found a knack for writing. In school, his English teacher always pushed him to pursue his talent that he had not seen as a career path at the time. But, with time and the ever-looming decisions of post-high school plans, he eventually came to the conclusion that, of all his artistic talents, the medium of words was the one he was most passionate about creating a name for himself with. Andrew has not stopped writing since he finally decided to listen to his English teacher and go after the world of writing with such genres as historical fiction and fiction, and means of storytelling by plays and novellas. And while he has not had any official publications, he knows he has nothing but success brewing for him as long as he continues using passion to fill the empty pages of his future.

Tom Deady
Tom is the Bram Stoker Award winning author of Haven, Eternal Darkness and Weekend Getaway. He also has a non-fiction publishing credit with Rue Morgue Magazine and several short stories published. Tom holds a Master’s Degree in English and teaches Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University. He is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and a member of the New England Horror Writers. Visit his website.

Glen Ebisch
I have been writing fiction for about thirty-five years, and have had over twenty books, mostly mysteries, published. Since retiring from teaching philosophy at Western New England University, I have been concentrating more on writing and marketing my stories. Visit my website.

Sonia Ellis
Sonia Ellis is the author of Talk to Me (2016) and the upcoming TimeTilter (2018). She is a writer and instructional designer whose published work also includes short fiction, feature stories, profiles, articles on science and engineering, and educational modules. Sonia is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (BS in chemical engineering) and Princeton University (MS in chemical engineering). Sonia once caught a runaway donkey using a dog leash and carrots, wishes she could breathe under water, and believes people are basically good at heart

Shawn Flynn
Shawn P. Flynn, Author of “THE KITTY Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him” and Award-Winning Finalist in the “Animals/Pets: Narrative Non-Fiction” category of the 2017 International Book Awards. Shawn spent over twenty-five years in a market-research career before he stepped away to pursue his passion for writing. He knew he wanted to explore his deep connection with cats, particularly the first cat he ever rescued. 
Shawn and his girlfriend, Carrie, live in Enfield, Connecticut, where he takes care of several indoor and outdoor cats. He also volunteers with the local cat rescue group, Enfield Community Cat Project, and was recently designated as the group’s marketing representative. 
Find him on facebook.

Judith Foard-Giucastro
I am from Missouri and am retired teacher and social worker. I have lived in Mass for 51 years. I remarried a year ago. My husband and I often work on writing together.

Susan Foley
Grew up in Suffield on a farm. Loves nature. Went to college and obtained a Masters' Degree. taught elementary school in Suffield. Currently involved with social work and volunteer work.

Elaine Frankonis
A writer since she learned to use a pencil, Elaine has been creating poetry ever since, publishing in a variety of small presses and online journals (some of which no longer exist), including The Berkshire Review, Ballard Street Poetry Journal, and Mused: the BellaOnline Literary Journal. Several of her pieces are also included in the anthology Which Lilith: Feminist Writers Recreate the World's First Woman.


Giuseppe Giucastro
I come from Sicily. I began to write when I was about 40 and I have and incredible imagination.

Marie Hart
I’m a middle school English teacher who majored in English lit for my undergraduate degree and concentrated in writing for a master’s degree. I’m also a member of the Western Massachusetts Writing Project, mainly in the role of providing professional development for the instruction of writing in the classroom. 

Geri Johnson
Not so mundane retired public librarian, beloved private school librarian, and founder/CEO of Fredi's Ink, Inc. creating whimsicality in different medias. Published Fredi's Ride, based on experiences at Whip City Speedway.

Gerald McFarland
Born in Oakland, California, Gerald received his B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley and his doctorate in U.S. history from Columbia University. He taught at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for forty-four years. During that time, he published four nonfiction books on varied topics in his field: late nineteenth-century reformers, families in migration to the U.S. west, an unsolved murder mystery from Vermont, and Greenwich Village in the decades before World War I. The second of these books, A Scattered People: An American Family Moves West, was cited by the Colonial Dames of America as one of the three best books in American history published in 1985. Since his retirement, he has turned to writing fiction and is the author of three novels (the Buenaventura Trilogy) set in early eighteenth-century New Mexico: The Brujo's Way, What the Owl Saw,  and The Last of Our Kind. His latest novel, T.T. Mann, Ace Detective, combines whimsy--a sleuth so slim he can slip under doors--with a true-to-life portrayal of San Francisco in the 1950s. Gerry and his wife live in rural western Massachusetts. Visit his website and blog for more.

Lynnmarie May
First play produced at around age 14, magazine credits dating from the 1970s. I write plays for adults (currently addicted to 10 minute plays) and fiction for kids, especially 9-12/14 year olds. Also, poetry, mostly for kids. Working on a historical fiction YA stories as well as several plays. My husband and I are working on a poetry collection for 8-12 year olds.

Ayden Rogalski
Ayden is nine years old and loves history. He is a young entrepreneur who loves to go picking for time loved antiques and adding his finds to his section in his mother's shop as well as online in his Facebook group, Ayden's Pickin's. Ayden has been picking since the age of five and has developed a wonderful fan base with customers from all over the world who support him and his endeavors. Ayden will continue to write his insightful books because it is never too early to love history.

Richard Rubin
Born in New Haven, Conn., I have spend most of my adult life in Westfield. I have worked for 31 years for the American Red Cross, 23 of which I served as the Executive Director of the Greater Westfield American Red Cross Chapter, formerly on Broad Street.
I have written poems and short stories since high school and have been published in my high school year book, the New Haven Register, and Southwoods. While writing poetry is my first love, I would like to attempt writing a book this year.

V.C. Russell
V.C. Russell grew up in a small community and moved to Feeding Hills, Massachusetts five years ago. She enjoys cooking, baking, sewing, quilting, knitting, and anything creative. She enjoys people and no matter the occasion, be it happy or sad, she loves making people smile.

Joseph Seal
My name is Joseph Seal and I’m an alumni and employee of Westfield State University and I graduated in 2017. I’ve always had a passion for art and drawing; which turned into a love for writing and creating. I have two books published and I’m working on a third.

Jacqueline Sears
Jacquie is the wife of her best friends, proud mother of three children, a former historical columnist for a local newspaper, and the author of the book Legendary Locals of Holyoke, Arcadia Publishing. She is an avid reader, watercolor artist, community volunteer, and relishes in the serenity of the natural world. She has an Associate degree from Holyoke Community College and is a former business owner. Visit her website.

Erin Joy Seibert
Erin Joy Seibert is a social worker, activist, organizer, poet, writer, photographer, and conscious lifestyle blogger... Among other things! She loves the color turquoise, and spends as much time outside as possible. More info about Erin is available on her webpage.

Judith (Sandy) Sessler
I’m 68 yrs old and have been writing since I was 5. When I was in my early 20’s, I took an English class at a community college. After my first essay, the professor said I needed to pursue a writing career. I wrote several magazine essays that were published and she was hooking me up with her agent when we moved cross country. I started working as a restaurant manager (I also had 3 kids) and had no time to write. Five years later  we moved back and I asked my husband where my box of writing was and he said he inadvertently threw it out! The first question people ask me at my book signings is “and you’re still married?”  Yes, we are, for 48 yrs. But I felt as if I’d lost a child. My entire life’s musings and published works were gone. A door in my mind slammed shut and my brain no longer had any creative thoughts running through it. Then 25 years later, the muse was awoken, and I wrote a novel and 18 short stories (in six months). Then life got busy. I was a NICU nurse and the grandkids started coming along (there are 14 of them now) so the writing got put on hold until this past October. Then, with a fury, it was unleashed again. I’m retired so I am fortunate to have time to write…and write…and write. I have a time travel series for 8-12 yr olds and 3 adult fiction novels and 2 short story collections and beginning a new juvenile fiction series. Be sure to visit my website.

Lindsay Stenico

Lindsay is a local writer who will be attending Westfield State University in the fall and is 18 years old. She’s been writing for as long as she can remember, but began seriously writing in her sophomore year of high school and spent the next three years working on her first novel that is currently with her publisher. When she’s not writing a story, Lindsay is either found reading with a mug of her favorite tea, or working on one of her many hobbies. She also runs a blog in her free time.

Sean Sweeney
Sean’s love of reading began in 1988, when he was handed J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic The Hobbit. His passion for writing began in 1993, as a sophomore in high school, when he began writing sports for his local newspaper. Born and raised in North Central Massachusetts, Sean has written for several newspapers. When he is not writing, he enjoys playing golf, reading, watching movies, enjoying Boston sports teams, Arsenal F.C., and the Gold Coast F.C. He and his wife, Jennifer, have two horses—Alex and Jesse—as well as five cats: Ziggy Puff, Diva, Spooky, Squeaky, and Roxie. They live in Bolton, Massachusetts. He previously wrote under the name of John Fitch V and has used the pseudonym D.L. Boyd. Visit his website.

Claudia Turner
I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. My formal education included a B.S. in biology from Bates College, an M.S. in exercise physiology from The Pennsylvania State University and a PhD in pulmonary physiology from The Johns Hopkins University. My informal education proved even more valuable! At various times, I’ve been an athlete, a teacher, and a scientist. In this latter capacity, I spent much of my life conducting and evaluating research. This, and my baby boomer roots, provided the basis for writing my first novel, Scars and Stripes Forever, a modern-day thriller set against the backdrop of the JFK assassination. I am married to Luanne Williams and live in West Springfield, Massachusetts where, in addition to working on a sequel (The Scions of Atlantis), I enjoy exercising, golf, traveling, and spending time with family, friends and our dog, Rosie. 

Joseph Vass
Writing poetry for 50 years. Won a few poetry contests locally. Poetry has been published in several literary journals. Almost done writing my memoir.

Michael Veto
Michael Veto is a long term resident of Western Mass. He spends quality time at the nearest bookstore and Library. He spends time volunteering at the local soup kitchen. He is currently attending UMASS Springfield where he is studying to become a Drug/Alcohol counselor. He enjoys the outdoors and he also enjoys being around and helping people in need. He enjoys writing in his spare time. Mr. Veto has self-published a Children's book called Finnegan. He has self-published a novella called The Carriage House. He has self-published his first novel called Hell. All three books are available on for sale. He currently resides in Westfield, Massachusetts where he is writing his next novel, which is the sequel to Hell.

Melissa Volker
Award winner and member of Straw Dog Writer's Guild, I am a literary writer, first and foremost, exploring the experiences of life, the adventures, the struggles, the magic, through the inner lives of my characters. With six books to my credit, three literary fiction, two literary YA, and one juvenile fantasy adventure that puts the girl in the driver's seat, I continue to write not to tell stories, but to connect with very basic human experience of living on this planet; the good, the bad, the difficult the inspiring. As Ray Bradbury put it, I am a "people writer". Sometimes those people need their stories told through unconventional tales of magic or unexpected, sometimes they are told by plumbing the interior depths of the soul. Either way, I hope to take the reader on a journey that will echo for a long time to come. Be sure to visit my website.

Mike Walsh
I was born and raised in Westfield. I have written three non-fiction and nine fiction stories. Be sure to visit my website.

Wayne Weatherwax
Born Westfield 1945, married with two grown children, one Granddaughter. Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer, Retired US Postal Service. I dabble in Art, painting, model building and other artistic pursuits. Avid reader. Also worked as a Cabinet maker for several years, so enjoy wood working projects. Member of the Board of Directors of ArtWorks of Westfield, Inc.

Bill Westerlind
I've been in love with books forever and that love of literature has naturally translated into a love of writing. About five years ago I discovered the book reading and sharing website Goodreads where I combined my love for books with my curiosity about writing to pen book reviews. My passion for books and all things literature organically blossomed into a love for libraries and since 2011 I have served as President of the Friends of the Westfield Athenaeum.
I recently turned sixty years old and have lots and lots of life experiences that I want to convert from the chemical reactions of thoughts in my brain to the written page!

Patricia Wright
Patty Wright was first published professionally when she was twelve, in a contest that named her one of “America’s Top Young Poets” and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Patty has worked as a staff writer and a columnist for three separate newspapers and has had her essays, prose and poetry published in several magazines. As a licensed social worker, she wrote policy, training, and development manuals, as well as a revolutionary habilitation curriculum course that is now the standard for teaching developmentally disabled adults across 5 western states.
Patty’s award-winning fanfiction has seen widespread publication since 1980 and in 2007 she was named “The Foremost Writer of Chekov Fanfiction”, and she’s been the editor of the fanzine “Star Traveler” since 2005. In addition to being a producer, Patty was the story editor and a writer for the award-winning internet series “Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II”, where she also wrote three produced teleplays and 4 unproduced episodes. She was a producer and the writer of “Buck Rogers Begins”, “Back to the Wild Wild West”, and “Starship Ironsides”.
In addition Patty served as the story editor and an adviser on several other fanfilms. When not working on her several novels, Patty is currently the Costume Shop Manager at Westfield State University. In the past she has worked as a staff trainer, District Sales Manager in retail, a restaurant manager, an event planner, fundraiser, staff trainer, a museum costumer, PR manager, a member of a Board of Directors – all of which provide enough stories to guarantee that she will never stop writing.

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